Welcome to my blog – The Three F’s! 

I’m Jill! A 22-year old student, advocate, recovering competitive athlete, cat mom, music-lover, baking enthusiast and amateur photographer. This online diary of sorts is a result of spending a lot of time in my own head combined with the necessity to hold myself accountable for doing my CBT homework. With a passion for helping others and a responsibility to help myself, yet with few means to currently do either, this blog attempts to serve that purpose.

Writing is a constructive way for me to express myself and make sense of my jumbled thoughts and I’m grateful to have access to platforms that allow me to connect with others doing the same. As part of my therapeutic process my hope is that this site will give me (and you as well) a glimpse into my life, my mind, and my fight for freedom. On my journey to self-awareness I’m trying to learn to accept the uncertainty, imperfection, and discomfort that accompany healing from mental illness. Here you may find (random, honest, and unfiltered) snapshots of my adventure towards creating a more meaningful and balanced life. My goal on these pages is to be honest and to open myself up to vulnerability in the hopes of discovering something about myself and the world in the process.

To those who also struggle to take care of themselves this blog might serve as a reminder of why we need to stay in the fight. I hope in sharing my truth with whoever reads this that we are reminded we are not alone. We are all flawed human beings struggling to understand ourselves and our connection to the whole. You can’t do it alone but you have to do it yourself.

Embrace the mess.

Take responsibility for your mental health and social media. 

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