Fur Mom

In honour of this week’s mental health prompt from Beckie’s Mental Mess, I’m introducing you to my furry companion – Tash.

She’s the closest thing to an emotional support animal I’ve ever had.

I inherited her from my grandma a couple years ago so she’s actually quite old. Fortunately, that only means she’s incredibly cuddly and easy-going.

Tash is simultaneously the prettiest and funniest-looking cat I’ve ever seen. She’s lost most of the hair on her belly and legs (which also sags a fair bit with excess skin when she was much larger). She’s incredibly soft, has gorgeous brown eyes, and a ring striped tail.

I’ve never seen an animal who loves being around people as much as she does. The slightest bit of eye contact with her and she starts purring.

She makes me laugh as well as always being comforting company. She LOVES to be brushed and drools when she gets very excited.

Sitting down to brush her or snuggling up for a nap keeps mindful moments in my days when life gets busy.

She’s exactly the picture of imperfect perfection – quirks and all.

She reminds me that if she can happy (and considered amazing) including all her oddities, I can too.


10 thoughts on “Fur Mom

  1. Aww, Jill… Tash is adorable! While you talking about her, Tash’s traits remind me of my mother’s cat, “Sweetie Pie” She is actually an emotional support animal. Just as loving and caring, funny as can be, and her purr sounds like a Harley Davidson. My mom would be lost without her.
    I’m so happy you shared Tash with us this week on “Working on Us” – It was meant to be that you are together. God Bless! 😻💚

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  2. Oh how beautiful. The photo where she is really looking at you, that was like awww cute moment.
    Your cat sounds like it has similar traits of my last cat I used to have.

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