The Sofa Revolution

Maybe, in my own small way I'm leading a rebellion. From my living room. Rebelling against the beliefs that kept me sick, trapped, and suffering my whole life. Rebelling against my illness telling me differently. A middle finger in the air to the toxic "rest is for the weak" messages. Maybe there's a good reason it's uncomfortable.

Little Things 11-28

A candle that smells like cookies. Sunshine glistening off fresh snow. A cool evening breeze through my bedroom window. A cats purr. Christmas decorations. My morning cup of coffee. A warm scarf. Clean dishes. An interesting list of books to read. Worlds waiting to be discovered. A back massage from my boyfriend. Music. Feeling like [...]

Balance – wtf is it

I've always hated this word. "Balance". Its always been something I haven't quite been able to get a grasp of until now. I know I've never really had it, at least not for any sustained period of time. It feels like its always been elusive. I used to think there was some pre-determined, universally-defined concept [...]

Airport homework

You can see your true reflection everywhere The waves of the ocean cast gold with the sun and glimmering with your colour The eyes of your loved ones, shimmering with compassion. Your dog excitedly wagging their tail as you walk through the door The footprints you leave on mountains you’ve climbed The obstacles you continue [...]


via Daily Prompt: Haul A lot of those who suffer, suffer in silence. They carry their burdens alone. Hauling around demons that destroy them. I’ve recently been coming to realize that no one has to do it alone (And no one likely CAN do it alone). The weight on your shoulders, the turmoil in your [...]


via Daily Prompt: Frantic  Frantic: wild or distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion. ------ My mind.  The wheels spinning in my head, relentlessly. My body. Fighting back with everything it has, living. My lungs. Gasping for air as polluted as my thoughts, suffocating.  My loved ones.  Bailing out a sinking ship, determined.  Anxiety.  Like a [...]