10 Simple Activities to Help you Relax

Inspired by this daily prompt - relaxation. 1. Do some breathing exercises 2. Clean up your social media.  De-clutter your digital feed and focus your screen time on things that are beneficial for you. 3. Write Record your thoughts and feelings or keep note of things you have to do. I find it really relieves [...]

6 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself Over the Holidays

Inspired by this prompt. Buy yourself chapstick and moisturizer. Even though they may seem silly, These small comforts can make me feel significantly better! 2. Stay hydrated Taking care of yourself physically, even if it's a small thing, can boost your spirits. 3. Meditate, stretch, or doing breathing exercises. Take a few minutes to release [...]

Helping a loved one who struggles with mental illness

Inspired by this prompt. I'm lucky. I have a boyfriend who is not only incredibly understanding and patient, but is also courageous enough to help me navigate the perplexing maze of thoughts and emotions that is "mental illness". It has likely been easier for us to understand each other because he's familiar with the subject himself [...]

I define me.

People with mental illnesses are, first and foremost,  people. I'm excited to announce that I recently became an ambassador for project I Define Me. This campaign strives to combat the stigma and fear associated with mental illness by disassembling the ignorance underlying it all by showcasing that above all else, people with mental illness are just [...]

10 Uncomfortable Truths About my Dermatillomania

Dermatillomania (AKA "skin picking disorder" AKA "excoriation") is pretty much what it sounds like. Its an impulse-control disorder, related to OCD, where people continuously pick at their skin until it causes wounds. While dermatillomania frequently co-occurs with other psychiatric conditions, it has recently been added as a unique category to the DSM-5. To receive diagnosis, [...]

Thinking About Medication for Your Mental Illness?

[Please note: I am not a mental health nor medical professional - I'm drawing on personal experience and am citing resources for your own referral in this discussion.] Last year I was prescribed a new anti-depressant which I had a very bad response to, significantly worsening my depression and sending me into one of the [...]

“You are not the flu.”

I'm not eating disordered. I am not depressed. I am not my mental illnesses. I have mental illnesses. I have depression. I have an eating disorder. I have struggles. I am not my struggles. "There's a difference between experiencing suffering and becoming it." Holding onto mental illness as a part of our identities makes the maladaptive behaviours that [...]