Not all Discomfort is Created Equal

Now if you didn't already know, I'm a sucker for a good list (or any itemized index that allows me hold onto the fleeting notion that there's some semblance of order or logic in my life) but I'm sitting here looking at my agenda of counselling "homework" and dreading having to sequentially confront my own [...]

“I Feel Fat”

Today in group we discussed whether or not we thought "fat" was a bad word, and boy were there some different opinions on the matter. First of all, I think it's undeniable that as a culture we have demonized the word fat. I also think our relationship with it is entirely confused (and I personally can't [...]

Triggers in Recovery – Building Sanctuary Within

One roadblock I seem to keep hitting in recovery is when other people talk about what they eat. I've learned about selective attention and other psychological phenomena in my studies but its funny to feel it in action where it almost seems like when someone says something that threatens my eating disorder, they're saying it in [...]

I define me.

People with mental illnesses are, first and foremost,  people. I'm excited to announce that I recently became an ambassador for project I Define Me. This campaign strives to combat the stigma and fear associated with mental illness by disassembling the ignorance underlying it all by showcasing that above all else, people with mental illness are just [...]

10 Uncomfortable Truths About my Dermatillomania

Dermatillomania (AKA "skin picking disorder" AKA "excoriation") is pretty much what it sounds like. Its an impulse-control disorder, related to OCD, where people continuously pick at their skin until it causes wounds. While dermatillomania frequently co-occurs with other psychiatric conditions, it has recently been added as a unique category to the DSM-5. To receive diagnosis, [...]

If any one conversation could turn my life around it might have been this one

My therapist told me this morning that from her clinical experience, she thinks a lot of people who develop eating disorders have the same personality temperaments. In this case sharing a tendency to “externalize” things. Whether this comes from anxiety, perfectionism, ocd, depression, aversion or whatever, I understand that it likely applies to me. For [...]

The Discomfort of Life

I’m someone who finds comfort in logic, organization, making lists, crossing off tasks, and generally tying to fit everything into its own neat little box. But I’ve come to realize that as much as I’d like to, I can’t tackle life with a ruler and an agenda all the time. I unfortunately can’t put my [...]


via Daily Prompt: Toxic Poison leeches through me, my defences wearing thin. My body keeps on fighting, a civil war from within. I try to purge myself of it - through sweat, through tears, through blood. The venomous thief that steals my sleep, instead it drowns me in its flood. I surrender myself readily, to [...]