What the Darkness Taught Me

You’re going to need the guidance of someone who can see. Sometimes it’s not enough wait and hope for the sun to rise. Sometimes you need to ignite your own damn fire. It’s not always going to be a fire and that’s okay. Maybe it’s a spark, or a glowing ember. Nurture your energy whatever [...]

Breaking the cycle?

via Daily Prompt: Disrupt In theory it’s that easy. Disrupt the cycle of compulsive behaviours and intrusive thoughts. Cut yourself free from the spiral. I wish I knew how to do that. To rid myself of the feelings and ideas that constantly invade my mind. If it were easy, mental health specialists wouldn’t be in [...]

What lies ahead

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent "Even the darkest star burns bright enough for us to see"  For so long you have defined yourself by your struggles. You've found a comfortable and familiar identity within your mental illness, you have let your identity be swallowed up. The thought of leaving all of this behind is scary because [...]


via Daily Prompt: Haul A lot of those who suffer, suffer in silence. They carry their burdens alone. Hauling around demons that destroy them. I’ve recently been coming to realize that no one has to do it alone (And no one likely CAN do it alone). The weight on your shoulders, the turmoil in your [...]